The Lone Stars

The Lone Stars are the youngest football team in the NFL, but with three Super Bowl wins, no one underestimates them … any more. The Lone Stars are located in Austin, Texas and their hugest rival is that other team up the road in Dallas. In a state that loves Jesus, Guns, and Football, The Lone Stars reign supreme. 

The Marilyns

The Marilyns are three life-long friends who’ve become their own family. They become best friends their freshman year in high school when they all showed up to the Halloween dance dressed as Marilyn Monroe. They have been together ever since.

Betts Monroe is a Country Music superstar who has it all … at least on the surface. She can’t find love anywhere. Lucky Strickland was married to Rock and Roll Royalty until he broke her heart when he introduced her to his mistress … on national TV. She doesn’t want love even if it finds her. Charlie Guidry is from political royalty. Her father is the reigning governor of the great state of Louisiana. She has it all … except she keep falling for the wrong men. She wouldn’t know love if it slapped her in the face. Can these three best friends find their happily ever afters?

Texas Rose Ranch

Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that goes double at the Texas Rose Ranch, home to the Rose family through five generations of toil, sweat, and scandal. The Texas Rose Ranch series follows the love stories of the five Rose brothers as they work to hold onto their family’s ranch and find the loves of their lives.

The Fort Worth Wranglers

The Fort Worth Wranglers is a steamy series about love, life, and football. It proves that love will find you even if you refuse to see it.

The Tough Ladies

The Tough Ladies is a series about a women’s triathlon team who are as close as a family. Each lady on the team will find their true love even if it kills them. In this series, finding Mr. Right is way harder than competing in the Iron Man.

A Christmas Network Novel

Christmas, Texas has as much magic as it has charm and only reveals itself to those who need it. The town was settled 1820 by the original Winter Texan, Santa Claus. He kissed the snowy North Pole goodbye and moved his whole operation to the sunny Texas Hill Country where there are never blizzard warnings and the only thing icy is his iced tea. This series is about Santa’s family finding their happy ever afters and it takes more than a bit of Christmas magic to find their soul mates.